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Website Packages For Small Businesses

We understand what it takes as a small business. We are a small business ourselves! Just because you are small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a big presence look with a professional website! This innovative and extremely affordable approach to web design breaks all the rules by building out a 10-page small business website in just one day!…

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16X Faster page load

Loading time is crucial for your WordPress website! Our team has combined 3 layers of cache (АPC, OPCache, Varnish), on top of premium Solid-State Drives (SSD) hardware to ensure up to 16 times faster loading time for your web pages.

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Free daily backups

We are constantly snapping daily copies of your web hosting database and weekly copies of your files, being your safety net by providing you a way back. All backup restores are performed by a specialist for FREE with our hosting services.

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