Internet services

For most businesses and even homes, internet access is just as important as their other utilities. Most businesses use internet access for everything from customer communication (email, VOIP, etc) to credit card processing. Without internet access, some businesses simply can’t operate. In addition to business needs, an increasing amount of home users are using the internet as their primary source of entertainment. This is due to the growth of video streaming services and social media. understands this and considered the following five factors when setting up their ISP section of the business:

1. Availability

Unfortunately, this is the biggest deciding factor in a developing country like Malawi. To mitigate this, ensures a redundant route to every access point.

2. Speed

We ensure that you have sufficient speed to not disrupt daily use, even when demand is at its highest. Just because the speed is advertised, doesn’t mean that’s the speed you’ll be receiving.  At we provide you with tools with which to monitor bandwidth received in real time.

3. Cost

We make sure that we make sense to you by having a good balance between speed and price.

4. Type of Connection

Our services are similar to wired broadband in that we connect to a fiber-optic trunk; however we don’t use cables to connect to the last mile. Instead we use Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) connections or radio waves.

5. Reliability

We do not can’t risk internet service interruptions. In this regard, we offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our contract specifically states how reliable the connection will be. Our Customer Services goes hand-in-hand with reliability.